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Why should I use an investment manager?
Your investment manager will:
• Learn your investment goals
• Recommend investments that are suitable for you
• Analyse markets and opportunities
• Provide quarterly and annual performance reports
• Have access to stocks only available to investment companies
What might I get back?
What you get back from your investments will depend on:
  • Your initial premium and any further premiums.
  • The performance of your chosen investments over the lifetime of the policy
  • Charges
  • Any withdrawals you may take
Can I take my money out?
Yes, there are many ways you can take money out of your policy.
There are some amounts that you can take and you must leave an amount in your policy.
Regular withdrawals
You can take regular withdrawals from your investments:
• Monthly
• Quarterly
• Six monthly
• Yearly
How much should I start investing with?
How much you invest depends on your circumstances and goals.
How much can you afford to invest each month? This could be 5%, 10%, or 20% of your income.
You need to take into account your age now and at what age you want to start seeing returns.
Will I get reports on how my investments are performing?
Yes. Your investment manager will provide you with quarterly and annual reports.
They will also review the options available. They are available if you have any questions or concerns.
How are investments taxed?
Investment dividends and income from selling shares are taxable in the country where you live.
Your investment manager will explain how to show income on your tax returns.
How long should I save for?
Choose a saving term that reflects your investment horizon and financial goals.
Is your investment plan is less than 5 years? Are looking for a product that allows frequent short‑term access to money? Then a regular savings plan from won’t fit your needs. Most plans are for long-term commitment.
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