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Pension Reviews

The options for your UK pension in the USA

Our advisers help UK expats who are now based in the USA with a range of pension planning & wealth management.
We know that each of our clients has their own circumstances & requirements. Each receives bespoke advice tailored to their needs.
Our pension review service includes:
• A personalised pension analysis from a retirement expert
• A free search for any lost pensions
• Up to date valuations of your UK pensions
• The current performance levels of your pensions
• An assessment of your pensions
• Professional advice about your pensions now you live abroad

Why review your pensions?

Make sure that you have the correct pension for your circumstances now you live outside of the UK.
Our pension experts can help you to find your options.
01 Tax Savings

Your UK pension free of all UK taxes

03 Pass On Your Pension

Pass your pension funds to your beneficiaries tax free (up to and over age 75)

02 Lifetime Allowance

No Lifetime Allowance restrictions

04 Management Savings

Merge your UK pensions into one, easy to manage pension fund

Frequently asked questions

Pension Transfer Questions that we have answered

What types of pension can I review?
A pension review can help you to discover if a pension transfer is suitable for you. You may discover it is best left as it is.
You can transfer most types of pension schemes where there is a transfer value. Pensions you can not transfer include:
Public sector schemes such as NHS or Armed Forces pensions.
Who can get a pension review?

Anyone aged 18 to 65 with a UK company or private pension that you are not currently taking an income from

Can I take my pension in US dollars?

Pension schemes such as SIPPS can pay benefits in multi-currencies.

Is there a minimum amount to my UK pension I can review?

There is no minimum amount that you can transfer. Pension funds under £30,000 may not be viable to transfer as the costs may outweigh the benefits.

How long does it take to transfer a pension?

It depends on the type of transfer and the parties involved. But a rule of thumb is 4-12 weeks.

Will the pension adviser be regulated?

Yes. The adviser who will review your pension options will be regulated in the USA. They will have many years experience with UK pensions and transfers.

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