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Beginning to invest

Are you looking at starting to invest in stocks and shares but don’t know how to begin?
Want to start with $100 a month ,or $1,000s? Our advisers can help you to start your investments.
There are various ways to invest in the markets
  • Single Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Index Linked
  • ETFs
You may already have a combination of these, but are not sure if they are still right for you. We can review and manage your portfolio for you working in partnership to help your money work for you.

How To start investing

Do you need guidance from a professional wealth manager?
Our advisers can help you to begin investing with a plan that matches your profile.
01 Investment Plan

A personalised investment plan from an investment expert

03 Risk Profile

An analysis of your risk profile

02 Recommendations

Investment recommendations suitable for you

04 Financial Review

A review of your current financial situation

Investments Review

Planning your financial future can be stressful.

Our wealth management experts provide their clients with bespoke financial plans.

They can help you to a secure financial future

• A free initial consultation
• A bespoke financial plan
• Implementing your financial plan with reassuring guidance
• Ongoing reviews of your financial plan

Portfolio Investments

Portfolio investments allow you take ownership of stocks, bonds and financial assets. The expectation is that these will grow in value over time. 
• Funds can be in Dollars, Sterling or Euros
• Invest from $100 a month
• Instant withdrawals if required
• Risk exposure based on your profile

Single Asset Funds

• Funds can be in Dollars, Sterling or Euros

• Invest from $100 a month

• Choice of a wide range of assets, investments and geographical regions

Share Dealing

• A variety multitude of funds and shares
• Expert investment ideas from professionals
• A designated investment manager
• Invest from $100 per month


Get your free consultation with a US regulated advisor for a financial health check. Discover the savings options available and the options that will suit your needs.

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